StayFocusd: The key to having more time

Like most people I struggle with time management. I have all these plans and ideas for learning new skills or launching new businesses (or to study for the upcoming exam).  Somehow I always end up on the ‘dark side’ of YouTube or on one of those terrible blogs full of “…you wouldn’t believe what happened […]

Making money is as easy as sending a “WhatsApp”

I’ve searched high and low for a company that provides a way of making money online, most companies are either fraudulent, offer worthless points or are only available in the US. You can thus imagine my surprise when a friend told me about M4JAM.  According to their website Money for jam “takes big jobs from […]

Why quitting University was the best decision I ever made

In 2012, after only three weeks of class, I impulsively decided to quit University. I was busy with my second year of Actuarial Science.  I chatted to a school friend over GTalk and she told me she was going to Israel in two days. I joked and said that I want to come with, as one […]