Making money is as easy as sending a “WhatsApp”

M4JAMI’ve searched high and low for a company that provides a way of making money online, most companies are either fraudulent, offer worthless points or are only available in the US.

You can thus imagine my surprise when a friend told me about M4JAM.  According to their website Money for jam “takes big jobs from reputable companies and breaks them into smaller jobs, allowing Jobbers to complete simple tasks using their phones in exchange for cash, while going about their daily lives.”

My experience

Armed with a lot of scepticism I followed the instructions to become a Jobber.  At first there were no jobs available and I thought to myself: “I knew this was too good to be true.” The next day however a quick 5 minute survey was made available for R10.  And the day after another survey for R20.  I also went to Canal Walk to buy shoes and upon checking M4JAM for jobs near me I found Le Creuset posted a job. It took me 10 minutes to find their shop and rate my experience, earning R25!

My hope is that when this scales up you could be earning more than R100 an hour by just completing small jobs or surveys while watching TV or doing other unproductive work (like shopping).

How to become a Jobber

  1. Download WeChat.
    M4JAM currently works through WeChat. You will thus first need to download WeChat. It’s available on most platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian and BlackBerry
  2. Add Money4Jam as a contact.
    This differs from platform to platform, but basically click on ‘+’, ‘Contacts’, ‘Add Friends’ or ‘Add Contacts’ (depending on which platform you are on). Search by ID for Money4Jam and tap on Message.
  3. Register your account.
    You will be asked to allow M4JAM to access your location. Tap on OK. You will then need to accept the Terms and Conditions by Entering 1. They will then asked for your name, phone number, email and ID. This is necessary to be able to legally earn money.
  4. Find your first Job.
    On the bottom of the screen there is a button “Find Jobs”, simply tap that and choose jobs “Near you” or “Without location” (such as surveys). Bear in mind that if you live in a remote area there will probably not be jobs near you for now.
  5. Cashing out.
    You need a minimum of R15 in your wallet to cash out. Simply go to your wallet and enter 1 for cashing out. You will receive a 12 digit code, that you can use to withdraw the money from any Pick ‘n Pay or Boxer store.

For more thorough instructions you can visit the M4JAM FAQ’s.

Over to you

Would you make use of a service like this? If you have used it what was your experience? Tell us in the comments below.


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