21stHugoAlthough my birthday was only on the 4th of March the ‘celebration’ already started on 1st of March.  Upon arriving at my girlfriend’s place, she gave me a set of clues that lead to gifts that was hidden all over the rather big plot. With some clues as vague as: “white as snow, green as grass, red as blood, sugar sweet”.

The gifts that I had to find by solving clues.
The gifts that I had to find by solving clues.

With some of the gifts came a inspiring, loving short story of how the gift is related to our relationship or life in general.  Afterwards she made huge homemade Burgers (meaning she made the patty from scratch, except for actually killing of a cow or donkey or kangaroo or whatever it is that is really in our meat).

Huge homemade Burgers
Huge homemade Burgers

I had my first test after doing nothing for more than a year on the Monday (my actual birthday) so I decided to stay at her place for the weekend. This did make sense, because at my place there is distractions like uncapped internet and at her place she’s there to motivate me. She even promised me new juggling balls if I get more than 90%.  Somehow we also managed to finish the second season of Suits.

Our Picnic food at Neethlingshof.
Our Picnic food at Neethlingshof.

On Sunday I got a surprise call from my mother who wanted to know if we wanted to have a picnic with them at Neethlingshof and listen to Elvis Blue and Heinz Winkler in concert.  I said yes for the picnic, which turned out great and Caro enjoyed the music.

On Monday I mainly studied for the test and received 60 Facebook messages (see below). Shortly after my test my parents brought some things for my party on Tuesday and then we had an impromptu dinner at Arpeggio (the only restaurant whose kitchen was still open after ten), with my brother who just returned from Upington by plane (the small 6 seater kind).

Tuesday was the big party day. After class Caro came over with the 120 pancakes that she made and lot’s of different toppings. We spring cleaned the flat and I set up the camera and at 17:45 the first guests started arriving.  I underestimated our flat which could probably host double the amount of people that came. I also underestimated my guests, because 60 pancakes was left over plus more batter. My flatmates however polished this within the next day.

Last Birthday dinner with family at Brenaissance
Last Birthday dinner with family at Brenaissance

Wednesday night was the official family birthday dinner including my grandmother. We had pizza at Brenaissance, an amazing hidden gem on a farm outside Stellenbosch.

Finally my birthday celebrations was over and I could continue my life as a “mondige” adult. Thank you to everyone who made these days special for me.

Thank you also to all who sent me Facebook messages. I received messages in 5 different languages from 8 countries.

Nina Herzog
Lieber Hugo =) Ich wünsche dir auch noch nachträglich alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag! Ich hoffe es geht dir gut und du hattest einen großartigen Tag?! Gaaanz liebe Grüße aus Deutschland!

Rose Anderson-Gips
Happy Birthday husband! many hugs : )

Leonie Löwenzahn
A Little Bit to Late.. ??? ??? ?????? 🙂 (masel tov from Berlin) learning hebrew in University now (: what are you doing? Hope, you had a Nice Day!

Nicol Russouw
Bja geluk met die verjaarsdag Hugo!

Sybrand E. Smit
Dasy! Happy Birthday, Hugo! Hoop dit was ‘n ongelooflike dag!! Sterkte vir die jaar voor!

Christelle Leuvennink
the big 21! baie geluk, Hugo! hoop dit was ‘n mooi dag 🙂

Yuval Buchbut
Mazal tohiking brother!!

Charl Ellis

Maayan Aner
Mazal tov dear Hugo! Hope your having a good time. Big hug

LieZl Potgieter
Baie geluk Hugo! 🙂 Hoop dit was n goeie dag gewees!*

Miriam Heusel
Hab einen schönen Geburtstag! (;

Johannes Jonker
Awe Hugo, ‘n Doppler-effek “baie geluk”-kreet in die verbyjaag in Merriman tel nie as amptelik nie, so hier’s dit nou: baie geluk met jou groot 21! Hoop dis besonders.

Maayan Waiskopf
Happy birthday my sweet love!! Miss you!

Ora Shapiro
Happy birthday, dear Hugo!! nice celebration!

Cornelius China Smith
happy bday ou ek hoop jyt n wonderlike 21st geniet hom

Johann Rossouw
Baie geluk Hugo!

Andrew Hurndall
Happy birthday!

Janneke Lötter
Geluk, Hugo! Hoop jy geniet jou verjaarsdag 🙂

Stephanie de Wet
Hapy 21 Hugo’kie!! 🙂

Md Greyling
lekker Hugo ou maat, hoop dit was n goeie dag gewees

Marchè Williams
Baie geluk met jou verjaarsdag! Hoop jy geniet jou dag*

Lear Cohen
mazal tov man! keep smiling!

Janie Wasserfall
Baie baie geluk! Jy is ‘n lekker mens en die coolste slot ooit:) be blessed*

Madri van Zyl
Happy B- day! Hoop jy het n great dag!!

Maya Dayan
happy birthday 🙂

Andrew Roginsky
Happy Birthday Dude!

Hetsie van Zyl
Baie geluk! Geniet en vier dit voluit

Patrick Bruns
Hey 🙂 Ich wünsche dir alles Gute. Hoffe es geht dir gut und genieß deinen Tag 😉

Monika Agnes Pinter
Wishing you a superb day HUGO!

Chanel White
happy bday frenemy… enjoy it

Yolandi Maritz
baie baie geluk hugo!! ek hoop jou dag is gevul met koffie, koek en avontuur! groete

Liezl Van Rooyen
Baie geluk Hugo! Ek hoop jy het ‘n baie geseende verjaarsdag. 🙂

Annelize Malherbe
Hugo, geluk met die verjaarsdag. Alles wat mooi is:)

Hanrie Nortje
baie baie geluk Hugo. hoop dis ‘n mooi dag.x

Jeanre Bester
Hey hey…. Baie geluk met jo verjaarsdag! Hoop dit is n bja lekker dag al moet jy nu toets skryf!!! Hoop dit is n wonderlike dag en dat jy bederf sal word… Happy Bday!

Arauna Van Der Merwe
Baie geluk met jou verjaarsdag Hugo! Hoop dis n awesome dag en dat die jaar wat voor le een van die beste sal wees! 🙂

Johan Wiid
Jis Mnr! Lekker verjaar!

Anna-Marie Müller
baie geluk hugo! sterkte met vanaand se toets en ek hoop dis ‘n fantastiese jaar verder 🙂 mooibly!

Ilsa Phillips
Hugo! how are you doing? have a great birthday! liefs uit nederland 🙂

Engela De Villiers
baie geluk met jou verjaarsdag, Hugo! ek hoop jou dag is baie lekker*

Anna Schmitz
Happy Birthday

Ruan Swanepoel
Baie geluk Hugo! Hoop dis ‘n mooi dag!

Charlie De La Harpe
Jis Hugo, baie geluk! Hoop jy drink ‘n koue ene na die toets op die groot dag!

Erika Lockan
BAIE GELUK!! met jou verjaarsdag! hoop jy het n fantastiese dag!

Bianca Grotepass
happy birthday!

Niel Knoblauch
Baie geluk!

Gerrit Maritz
Geluk met die verjaarsdag!

Tammy Smit
Veels geluk Hugo’kie!!! Hoop jyt n awesome dag en n leke jaar verder! Mwap*

Handre Bosman
Geluk seun! Hoop dis ‘n lekker dag!

Karen van der Linde
Hey Hugo, veels geluk met jou verjaarsdag! Hoop jy het ‘n wonderlike dag en jaar verder!

Imke Bekker
veels geluk Hugo! 🙂 ek hoop jy het n wonderlijke jaar!

Elnari Potgieter

Christine Rust
geluk hugo! 🙂

Liezl Vermeulen
hey! veels geluk liewe maatji omdat jy verjaar! Hoop jy stuff jou gesig met verjaardag KOEK!!

Nina Keyser
Baie geluk met die 21st Hugo =) Ek hoop dis ‘n ongelooflike lekker dag en jaar wat voorle!x

Chris Milne
happy birthday my SA’n, German speaking friend Hugo, ALAS George!!!

Dayne Hudson
Happy birthday Georgie!

Erich Theodore Zahrt

Michelle Bezuidenhout
Baie geluk met die groot 21!! Hoop dat jy ‘n baie lekker dag sal he en dat almal jou bederf!:)